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The greatest little storage shelf

So did anybody play Nancy Drew and solve the mystery? I didn't want to jinx ourselves and reveal what the surprise was before we were sure that it was all ours! Rob and I met with Melissa and Chris on Friday night to talk about their upcoming wedding in 2009. Once our meeting ended, we hopped into the car and drove down to Shoreline.. about 20 minutes North of Seattle. First thing Saturday morning, we met Doug and picked up this beauty!

It is originally from the University of Washington and has been sitting in Doug's (he is teaches Fine Arts there) garage for quite some time now before he decided that he just didn't have the room. I have wanted one of these ever since I saw it here and then here. Supposedly they are really hard to find, especially one the West Coast without having to pay a fortune in shipping. We found one HUGE one at A Baker's Dozen on Main Street, but it was 3-4 times what we paid for this beauty.

I'm not sure what I am going to use all the drawers for use. Crafty things I assume. Maybe a recipe card drawer?

Rob plans to sand, polish and generally spiff the unit back to its glory days. I will then make some pretty coloured tags so we can actually find stuff that we put in it without opening up each drawer!

There is a second unit that sits below it. It is exactly the same as this one, but it doesn't have a top lid. We will most likely sell the other half as I really have no idea what to do with 30 drawers! Rob wants to hold onto it until we move and see what our new space looks like (more about the move later). However.. if you REALLY REALLY REALLY want one, then please inquire within :)

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