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swag bag update

This is Cleo cat surveying the swag chaos that has currently taken over the living room.

Georgia Straight

Check us out in the Holiday Time Out in this weeks' Georgia Straight.


Around Town

Last weekend Got Craft was at One of a Kind, Fab Fair and Fallen for Etsy. Thanks to Mariana for stopping by the Eastside Cultural Crawl to distribute some postcards!

Next week you can find us at the Britannia Community Center Fair, West End Community Center Fair, Roundhouse Artisan Fair, Portobello West and I Heart Crafts Bazaar.


Goodie Bag

Got Craft featured on the Goodie Bag Blog.

Check it out here.

Thanks Krista!


a little wet...

It was a little wet out yesterday, but I saw the first Got Craft poster up on a city poster drum!


UPDATE: The yarn has been spoken for. Thanks!!!

FREE bag stuffed to the brim of yarn. Lots and lots of yarn. Vintage yarn. This is from either my grandma's or eldest aunt's stash. There are price stickers on here from Eatons, Sears and Woodwards.

If you want it, please send me an email. You need to be able to come by and pick it up though. The bag is quite heavy.

First email.. first receive. The earlier that you come pick this up, the more we like you :)


Upcoming shows

I can't believe I haven't posted since Wednesday!

What's new?

Craft magazines arrived in the mail!! Woot.

I was at the crafty get together hosted by the Craft Mafia last night. Thanks to Lili for the invite! Met lots of new faces and handed out a few posters and postcards.

Lots of crafty events happening this weekend including One of a Kind, Eastside Cultural Crawl, Fallen for Etsy, Fab Fair and Maternal Creations. For a full events calendar, visit our Around Town section here.

A friendly reminder that postcards and posters are available for pick up. If you are going to be at any of the above shows, please let me know and we can arrange for some to be dropped off. If you did not receive an emailable flyer, please let me know and I will send a copy to you.

Are you on facebook? Join the Got Craft group and invite all of your friends!!

Plenty of cool swag have been coming in through the last few weeks. Ever since the Fall / Winter hit, the light in my apartment has been a little on the dark side. I hope to post some pictures soon.


the Mustache Press

I love buttons and the Mustache Press is the perfect place for all of your button needs!

Last year, Lindsay and Nic donated 500 buttons to Got Craft and everybody loved them! They are back for another round of Got Craft and I am pleased to announce that they will also be at our new wedding show called Indie I Do on January 17th, 2009.

If buttons are not your thing, the Mustache Press also has a great selection of original stationary and posters!


Craft Magazine @ Got Craft

One lucky attendee will have the opportunity to walk away with a complete boxed set of Craft Magazine - The First Year. That's 4 magazines in a lovely gift box valued at $80.00!

A BIG thank you to Craft Magazine! For more information about Craft Magazine or for a subscription, please visit their website and show your support!

Fallen for Etsy

The holiday craft fair season has started. If you haven't already visited the Around Town section on the Got Craft website, then go grab your daytimer and click here.

I signed up to participate in 3 fairs this year. Which is 2.5 times more than last year. However, I have not been crafting 2.5 times more than last year. Not to worry though, I have lots of new ideas and have already started making some old favourites.

My first fair of the year is Fallen For Etsy on Sunday, November 23rd at the Welsh Hall. Other Got Craft vendors that will be there include Stitchella, Smeeta and Little Red Caboose. See you there!


bag update

Hot off the assembly line and freshly gocco'd. My apologies for the dark pictures, but it was late and dark outside.


pomo mama design

Some exquisite images of hand crafted wire and bead jewelry by pomo mama design. Amanda makes some of the most beautiful wire pieces that I have ever seen. Her entire collection can be found on her website here. Of course, feel free to drop by Got Craft on Sunday, December 7th and meet her in person!


Little Red Caboose

My plan in the coming weeks prior to Got Craft is to showcase some of the wonderful vendors that will be at the show.

The beautiful Matryoshka Doll pictured above is made by Ella from the little red caboose. Each doll is handmade and stuffed with 100% lambs wool. You can visit her website here. Ella, along with her sister Leanne, is also an amazing photographer. You can see some of her work on her blog.

Little Red Caboose's felt crowns were just featured in Mothering Magazine and in the Canadian Family Toy Guide. More information and images can be found on her blog.

Georgia Straight

Jeannette from The Beautiful Project is featured in this weeks' Georgia Straight. The article is called 'City's bloggers have their say in cyberspace' and you can read the online version here.

The Beautiful Project is one of our featured vendors in the December Got Craft show and Jeannette is also the mastermind behind one of my favourite blogs - everybody likes sandwiches. If you read the lotus events blog, then I'm sure you read about my rave reviews on her apple crumb cake... drool.

On a side note, did you notice her library catalogue!? Just a few of my favourite things ...


swag bag ideas

Glass marble magnet from Groovy Glass Girl

Earrings from Lauren Elgee

Swag from May's show including earrings from Toodlebunny, sewing trim from little bird designs, glass bird cell phone charm from Takagi Lampwork Beads, branch pin from Rouged Lips, container of lavender from Stitchella and wire ring from pomo mama designs.

More from the May event including leather keychain from Radjuli Custom Designs, bag of buttons from Button Button, fabric covered buttons from Maked, brooch pin from Flight Path Designs, candle sample from Louis Aroma Candles, letter press card from Sunlit Letterpress, gift tags from Crafty Girl Cards and Gifts, postcard and buttons from Reflection Vancouver, Craft magazine from Craft, hand dyed yarn samples from Yummy Yarn, stickers from Granola Girl, sand dollar shell charm from Sand Dollar Designs to name a few.

I went through all of my photos last night and found these 4 pictures of past swag. Just in case some of you need some ideas. Discount coupons or gift certificates should not be given out on their own, although they can definitely be a part of your swag donation. Attendees should walk away with a bag full of tangible goodies that they can see and touch like a child on Halloween night!


swag bags

30 swag bags are almost complete. I have 15 more handles to sew on and then a gocco they will go! For our first two events, we used recycled paper bags and then we moved to handmade, reusable fabric bags. I have to admit, these bags are the best. Being a self taught, beginner sewer, the December bags look fantastic. Plus these bags have a bonus.. a handy front pocket!

If you are participating in this years' fair and you have some questions about the swag, information can be found on the second page of your application. Also, there is a picture of a previous swag bag in one of the earlier posts from May. Need some ideas? Feel free to contact me.
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