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Thanks to Lindsay and Nic from the Mustache Press who have generously donated 500 buttons to got craft! These look super awesome and will be used for our swag bags and reception invites!

Don't forget... the early bird deadline for vendor applications is Friday, March 7th so get yours in now!


The last of the crafty things

Well we made it home through the rain and hail...

The last few things to mention about the trip to Portland....GO TO BOLT & KNITTN' KITTEN!!!!!!

Bolt is on NE Alberta Street it took us three tries to get there, because they were closed everytime we went. By the way, Mondays are quiet in Portland. It seems like a lot of people do not work on Monday and a lot of stores are not opened.

Knittn' Kitten is a long drive out on Glisan and 75th but its worth a visit. Be fore warned that it is one of those hit or miss places as this is a craft thrift store.

Mmmmm and lastly on Hawthorne, there is this great place called Cha Cha Cha's 3433 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214 which is a Mexican place....oohhhh yummy I had the Big Mama and Andrea had a burrito that were both fantastic.

Thats it for Portland this month! We are exhausted!


i heart PDX

Well its over all seems like only yesterday we were sitting at the border waiting, waiting, waiting and more waiting.

Crafty Wonderland- Amazing if you like crafts... go see it. It is held at the Doug Fir Lounge which is super cool and there is an old apartment that has been redone to create the Jupiter Hotel next door and being venue buffs, we loved it! Sorry for the absent pictures, but the show was in a lounge so it was dark and I was too caught up looking at things!

Hawthorne Street- what an amazing place! We spent something like 3 or 4 hours wandering this place. It all started with a stop for coffee and crossiant at the Grand Central Bakery which is our new favourite place. We planned on a stopping at a fabric store near here after wandering the area, but we ended getting sucked into this super awesome second hand store. By the time we got out and over to the fabric store, it was 3:58 and the store closed at 4pm. Anyways, the second hand store was huge and it kept going and going and going. The warehouse (although it looks like a small shop from outside) is divided into sections and sellers may rent out a portion, place their goods and price them how they wish. There is also a PHO restaurant here and the price was actually quite reasonable. Of course, I can't forget Cool Cottons which is one of the best fabric stores that I have found! Huge selection of designer fabrics that I have not been able to find anywhere else.. at least.. physically and not having to pay shipping.

Cool Cottons This is a pic of my haul (or at least part of it!). Portland is full of these old houses that hold businesses. Of course, I can't forget Cool Cottons which is one of the best fabric stores that I have found! Huge selection of designer fabrics that I have not been able to find anywhere else.. at least.. physically and not having to pay shipping. I am hitting up Knitten Kitten and Bolt today before we leave!!! So excited.

There is so much more, but its time to go.


Driving, eating, riding, sleeping

Well we made it in one piece to lovely Portland. The plan was to leave at 2:00AM after our shift and that never happened. It was way too crazy. We ended up sleeping till 7 driving out to Coquitlam to get my phone that I forgot in the 2-ton =( and then we sat in line for an hour and 20 minutes at the border =(. The drive down was nice and its really warm this evening which is a change from Vancouver.

We went to Burgerville for dinner which was yummy =) below are the before and after.

After that tasty treat we headed downtown. If you have not been to Portland you should go because they have great transit. This is the train arriving a few blocks from our hotel and the other is it taking us home. We went to visit Powells which an absolutely amazing bookstore full of everything!

Tomorrow, we will hit Crafty Wonderland and a whole assortment of shops. Check back soon to see what we are bringing home.


This blog is a changin

Hello crafters!

As many of you may know the original intent of this blog was to create an online presence to spread the word about got craft. With a little work and some long nights playing (fighting) with dreamweaver we were able to step it up a notch and create our own website ...praise and adulation greatly accepted =) This then brought us to the question???? what should happen to the blog!!!!

It then came to us why not use it as a tool to showcase all the crafty things we come across. Soooo to kick off the new blog (we changed the look) we thought why not document our trip to Crafty Wonderland in Portland. We will show you all the wonderful vendors, shops, knick knack places and other crafty things Portland has to offer (there is a LOT)!

We hope you enjoy. We also apologize if the blog starts off a little rocky. We will be working until 1:00AM today and then leaving Vancouver around 2:00AM =)

Wish us luck.


New Website

Our new website is up so come visit us at:

got craft

Thanks to Jaime at crookkid for the awesome logo design!

Remember... we are currently accepting applications to the May event, so get those in!
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