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Driving, eating, riding, sleeping

Well we made it in one piece to lovely Portland. The plan was to leave at 2:00AM after our shift and that never happened. It was way too crazy. We ended up sleeping till 7 driving out to Coquitlam to get my phone that I forgot in the 2-ton =( and then we sat in line for an hour and 20 minutes at the border =(. The drive down was nice and its really warm this evening which is a change from Vancouver.

We went to Burgerville for dinner which was yummy =) below are the before and after.

After that tasty treat we headed downtown. If you have not been to Portland you should go because they have great transit. This is the train arriving a few blocks from our hotel and the other is it taking us home. We went to visit Powells which an absolutely amazing bookstore full of everything!

Tomorrow, we will hit Crafty Wonderland and a whole assortment of shops. Check back soon to see what we are bringing home.

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