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This blog is a changin

Hello crafters!

As many of you may know the original intent of this blog was to create an online presence to spread the word about got craft. With a little work and some long nights playing (fighting) with dreamweaver we were able to step it up a notch and create our own website ...praise and adulation greatly accepted =) This then brought us to the question???? what should happen to the blog!!!!

It then came to us why not use it as a tool to showcase all the crafty things we come across. Soooo to kick off the new blog (we changed the look) we thought why not document our trip to Crafty Wonderland in Portland. We will show you all the wonderful vendors, shops, knick knack places and other crafty things Portland has to offer (there is a LOT)!

We hope you enjoy. We also apologize if the blog starts off a little rocky. We will be working until 1:00AM today and then leaving Vancouver around 2:00AM =)

Wish us luck.

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