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Buttons, Buckles and Beads... oh my!

Buttons, Buckles and Beads June 4 - July 7 2009

Little garment add-ons. They provide closure or embellishment, often both. Buttons. Buckles. Beads. These little things can seem so mundane, and yet they have inherent beauty, particularly in the hands of artists.

Buttons, Buckles and Beads is the upcoming at the Silk Weaving Studio on Granville Island. It will feature both the innovative use of buttons, buckles and beads, and artistry in the creation of these items. Diana Sanderson, artist and owner of the Silk Weaving Studio, and the other weaver-artists have created garments, scarves and shawls incorporating beads and buttons. The results are a shimmering, striking, stunning array of intriguing pieces. Visiting Gera Scott Chandler and Lisa Cherneff are hand-making buttons and beads into tiny works of art.

Guest artist, internationally renowned Angelika Werth, will be showcasing her latest work – lavish Baroque-esque dresses made from recycled canvas tents, featuring buttons, buckles and zippers used as closures and decorative details. If you haven’t seen Angelika’s work, treat yourself to a visual feast at the Buttons, Buckles and Beads show.

In the category of “Astounding Bead Artists” Sharmini Wirasekara, whose work has appeared in the beading who’s who book, 500 Beaded Objects (Lark Books, 2002) will be showing some of her delicate and intricate woven bead pieces.

During the month long Beads, Buckles and Buttons show, Colleen Miller of the newly-reopened Button Button shop in Gastown, will be speaking about the history, mystery and appeal of the humble button. Plan to come for this informative and entertaining presentation on Thursday June 11 at 7:30.

For more information, please visit the Silk Weaving Studio

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