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(I have been looking for bottle brush vintage Christmas trees everywhere and was lucky enough to pick some up for a really good price from Magpie Ethel at the fair.)

If there was a race between two of my favourite US cities, it would have to be San Francisco, CA and Portland, OR. It would probably be a tie. I just can't get enough of either one of them! A few days after Got Craft wrapped up, we took a road trip to Portland to help out with Crafty Wonderland and drop off some handmade goodies at TinyMeat. We have attended their holiday show for the past three years and have braved cold weather and snow blizzards for one of their 200 swag bags!

(line to get in)

In fact, this is where Got Craft's swag bag idea came from! 2100 people came through in the first hour and by the end of the day (11 to 7pm), 7500 people had stopped in. With 220 amazing vendors including Buy Olympia, Little Otsu, My Imaginary Boyfriend, Jill Bliss, Obsessive Consumption, Crafty Wonderland is the place to be. Mark your calendars for their Spring show on May 1st & 2nd, 2010!

We returned to Vancouver Sunday evening. Back at home for two days and then off to San Francisco for Renegade tomorrow morning! Will post photos soon.

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