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Hapu'u Fern

If you read my other blog over at, you may have noticed that we are currently in Hawaii. I wanted to pop in here briefly and show you the Hawaiian Hapu'u Fern that we discovered in the Hawaii National Volcano Park this afternoon.

The Hapu'u Fern can grow up to 40ft and is found all over the east side of the Big Island from sea level to 6000 ft. A fern frond begins as a curled up shoot. As it matures it unfurls - with each of the leafy fingers also unfurling in a true fractal form. As the young shoots uncurl, they have a fine golden hair that is very soft, almost like velvet. This hair is called pulu and it was collected in the 1800's and used commercially as stuffing for pillows, mattresses and as an alternative to what we crafters know as fiber-fill. Apparently there is still remenants of an old pulu factory that can still be seen on the Napau Center trail in the Park.

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  1. So glad i stumbled upon your blog, I will now follow it regularly! Love it! Have fun in Hawaii!


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