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There's a new kid in the handmade community. CARGOH is the name. Tagged as a single destination where artists of all trades can be seen, heard and collected in one community driven marketplace. It's kind of like Etsy, but instead of listing fees, you choose a plan that best suits the kind of online shop you wish to run. For example, if you choose the free account, you can list up to 5 items, but your features are limited. For $20.00 a month, you can list an unlimited number of items and so on. You can check out the full chart here.

What can you sell?
Anything independently created and not represented by a major label.

What can't you sell?
Anything that you didn’t make, or put your unique stamp on.

Check out their for more information.

** update ** Hmmm.... I decided to see what it was all about. No sales yet, but I'm still setting up. You can check out my store here and fist bump me!

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  1. Hi Roxypop,

    Thanks for the shout on your blog, we really appreciate the love. We are also really excited to have you on cargoh. Let us know when you have added some more products to your store and we will make you the featured seller on the homepage, to see if we can get you some sales.

    Have a great day.

    the cargoh team


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