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Featured Vendor #4

BuenoStyle. I am basically going to let her images speak for themselves.

This is taken from her profile on her etsy site:

Christi York is a freelance graphic designer, accessory designer and big believer in recycling, organic food and supporting
locally owned designers and businesses.

Her career began in the snowboarding industry (she used to work in-house for Option-NFA) but after spending eight
hours a day in front of a computer she decided to try her hand at freelancing. It was a wise decision. Her graphic career is still going strong and now BuenoStyle, her sideline passion started as a way to work with her hands, has really taken off.

If BuenoStyle has a mandate - it’s that you don’t have to look like to hippy just because you care about the environment.
Christi uses recycled, vintage and eco-concious materials wherever possible. Former accessory lines included one of a kind “rescued sweater” scarves made from thrift store wool sweaters and leather cuffs and earrings made from scrap leather castoffs. And of course, the now infamous “eat organic” screen printed line of organic cotton panties!

Check out her website here.

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