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Featured Vendor #7

This is Minori's second GOT CRAFT event and we are very happy to have her back!

Minori Takagi first came across Japanese glass beads (called Tombodama) at a local gallery in her hometown of Shizuoka, Japan in 1997. She was so impressed by their subtle color and delicate design that she immediately took her first bead-making class at a local studio. Using colorful Japanese glass rods (called Satake), she learned the basics of Tombodama. The lessons were only twice a month, but her skill and creativity soon became apparent. Her initial interest in making Tombodama has since developed into a life-long passion for the art form.

Tombodama beads, colorful glass beads featuring floral and other patterns, are popular accessories because each one is unique. The beads are made by rolling molten glass around a steel rod until a glass ball forms. Smaller pieces of colored molten glass are then placed onto the ball to form exquisite patterns.

You can find a full gallery and her bio here.

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