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chalkboard fun

photo credit: Tracey Heppner

We decided to think out of the box this year and made a chalkboard hard wall for lotus events' indie i do booth display. The hard wall consisted of two 4ft x 8ft pieces that were held together by a strap at the top and one at the bottom and then propped up by a piece of pipe and drape without the drape.

We then had a friend of ours come in and hand draw some wedding planning doodles....

... and maybe some notes on the honeymoon too ...

I * really * wanted to bring the boards home and have them on display, but we just didn't have the room! Don't worry, they didn't go to waste. They were picked after the show by a family who will be installing them in their family room for the kids to play with. Drawing on the walls? Yes, please!

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