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When I started Got Craft?, I was a complete newbie to the DIY scene. I didn’t know my interfacing from my feed dogs or my slip stitches from my slip knots, but I was very enthusiastic to participate in the so-called contemporary DIY scene. So when Granville Magazine asked if I wanted to curate a DIY blog, I was beyond ecstatic!

This blog is to promote DIY, announce crafty happenings, teach others to make stuff and celebrate crafters and all things handmade with a focus on Vancouver. We will talk to handmade artists, teach you how to incorporate DIY into your life and show you were to locally source your supplies and locally made finished goods.

Interested in contributing to the blog? Do you know of an event that should be mentioned? Maybe you want to see your favourite craft store featured? Leave me a comment and I will let you know how you can be involved!


  1. I'm just starting to learn how to sew (and boy is it fun and full of adventures...)and I was wondering if it would be interesting to contribute to your blog as a developing (and learning) sewer-crafter girl?

  2. hi anita! please send me an email at info [at] gotcraft [dot] com and we can chat more!


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