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Locally based, the Craft Caravan provides monthly kids craft activities for families that are looking for things that challenge young hands and minds. Like many parents with small children, the creators of Craft Caravan decided to help parents like them who were always scrambling for craft ideas and supplies to entertain their kids. "We make craft time simple and fun, and that's exactly what busy families need." All crafts are adult designed and then run through by their official 'testing crew' - the Craft Caravan's 7yr old daughter and 5 yr old son. "We know that if a craft gets their seal of approval, your preschoolers will love it!"

Club packages arrive every month, just like a magazine subscription. They have various packages available including pay as you go, yearly, every 3 months or a monthly trial. Once you have chosen a package, your kids will start receiving craft supplies addressed to them.

Each project is theme-based and includes:

> All craft project supplies, except glue
> Easy illustrated craft ideas and instructions
> A kid-friendly fact sheet about the craft theme
> A bright green envelope for delivery - great for re-use in any craft project!

Packages are shipped at the beginning of each month and can be expected to arrive in your regular mail within the first two weeks of the month. All you need to do is provide some glue, a clear workspace and your time. Yay for spreading crafty joy!

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