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crafts + portland = summit of awesome

So what if we were just in Portland!? The Summit of Awesome is taking place June 16th to 18th at Kennedy School in Portland! When it comes down to Portland plus mind blowing crafters that are congregating in one place for 3 days of awesome, well... I really couldn't say no. Plus, we have road trip buddies this time! That's right. Road trip buddies that have never been to Portland before. I know right!? *gasp* Oh... the plans filled with thrifting and eating have already started!

Back to the Summit of Awesome though... I blogged about it earlier when I first read about it. I hummed and hawed about it for awhile then with some (very to non-existent) arm twisting by Kim and Robert, I said "Ok, I'm in!". So I went online and checked to see what this summit was all about.

So what is the Summit of Awesome?
Hello Craft is a non-profit trade association dedicated to the advancement of independent crafters and the handmade movement, as well as empowering small business owners and educating the public to the benefits of buying handmade. They actively pursue their mission through various events such as the annual 3-day conference, the Summit of Awesome.

They have some amazing speakers lined up such as Heidi Kenney from My Paper Crane, Susan Beal from Westcoast Crafty, Ryan and Lucy Berkley, Kari Chapin author of the Handmade Marketplace, Jena Coray from Modish and Emily Martin from The Black Apple to name a few...

... and what will they be talking about? ...

Well, sessions include "How to develop a press packet", "Brick and Morter: how to run a brick & mortar shop", "Monetizing your website and online advertising basics", "Wholesaling", "How to pitch a magazine or blog" and the all important "Copyright and Trademark". Passes for all 3 days can be purchased here. If this wasn't enough, meals are included on some days and there are plenty of crafty activities to keep you on the go for your entire stay.

Starts this Wednesday, so get your passes now! Hope to see you there!

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