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the lunch box project

My apple cozy is featured on Lisa Orgler's website today! Started in January 2009, the Lunch Box Project is Lisa's resolution to paint an image of food daily. As you can see on her website, she has already achieved her goal of 365 illustrations, but has decided to carry on the tradition by adding a new twist. For 2010, Lisa's goal is to pick monthly themes to focus her food paintings.

In her own words:
"After many weeks of nagging from my nine-year old daughter this month I bring you... Beatle Food.... On a five hour car ride to Wisconsin, while listening to Beatle music, my daughter started noticing all the food references in their songs. This month is the list of titles she jotted down in the car that day."

Apple records was a record label founded by the Beatles. Check out some green apple art that Lisa curated here including my apple cozy pictured above!

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