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pencil crayons on the other side of the shelf

found on the other side of the shelf

Was checking out the Shelf blog and stumbled across this image. Wouldn't this be a nice, cheery addition to the neighbourhood?

Last time I was in London, Poppytalk told me about a shop named Shelf that I had to go visit. Pretty sure one lost tube ride + one lost bus ride + one small fight, R and I finally found the shop and it was totally worth it. Instant love. Like, pour water on me, because this is one of my new favourite shops!

Well worth the adventure, you can check out Spitalfields Market, then make your way through Brick Lane and onto Cheshire Street where you will see the bright orange store front. Can't wait to make this a regular stop!

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  1. That was a really nice fence! Is that really a fence? I love it. So colorful!


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