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day trip :: love-a-fayre

We ventured out to Bethnal Green station last Saturday for the Valentine's love-a-fayre craft fair. The Working Men's Club reminded me of the Royal Canadian Legion back in Vancouver, but I wish we had this...

Giant light up heart stage with gold fringe!? I wish we had this! Late crafters arriving.. crafters who didn't have their float ready... ah, I have found my people. Saw some fantastic, locally handmade goodies and some that seemed to be priced really low. Not knowing the community yet, I'm not sure what the market will hold, but there was some very well made goods for £5 or less which is low compared to what I have seen in Vancouver and some US craft fairs. By the way, they love their moustaches over here too. Bought this (below) super cute felt pin from BeBopALula.

We never made it to the Ephemera event, but hope to catch the next one on April 7th. Instead, we met up with some friends and had our first Sunday roast lunch at the local pub which is super popular here. By the time we ordered at 2pm, the roast turkey was already sold out and on our last visit to Cambridge, all the roast was sold out by 3pm!

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