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buy me :: one gocco print kit

Thank you to everybody that has responded. The item has been sold.

Jumping in for a little self promotion! After some careful thought, I decided to put my gocco up for sale. It's definitely come in handy... printing swag bags, handmade nation tickets, t-shirts for a friend's volleyball team.. you know. As much as I love it, lately, we just haven't been using it that much and with the upcoming move, we decided to put it up for sale.

You can read all about gocco machine's here or just google the word 'gocco' (pronounced go-ko). Check out these sites for some ideas on what to do with a gocco: Felt Cafe, Etsy, The Small Object and whip up.

My print kit includes everything listed below. Like new condition. Only used a few times. Asking price $175.00 Cdn. Interested? Drop me an email at info(at)gotcraft(dot)com. Pick up only from Vancouver.

RISO HImesh INK (for paper)
Yellow full
Red full
Blue full
Fluorescent Pink partially used
Fluorescent Purple partially used
Green partially used
Black partially used
White partially used
Gold 25% remaining

RISO HImesh INK (for cloth)
Red, Blue, Black & White all partially used

8 Gocco bulbs

1 tube of cleaning gel

4 B6 screens

Card Rack

Artwork Pen-1 (0.3mm)

1 Gocco PG-5

1 squeegee

Instruction Booklet and How-to Video

Batteries x2 AA

1 comment:

  1. Wish I had seen this earlier! :P Tried finding one in Japan but they didn't have any of the RISO brand ones. Le sigh!


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