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inspire :: lion heart project

photo credit: Lionheart Project

As some of you know, Robert and I are taking the leap and moving to London February 2011. Don't worry! Got Craft isn't going anywhere. We'll just have an additional perspective!

As part of the London Cultural Olympiad for the 2012 summer Olympics, three crocheted lions will tour the East Midlands in a custom made glass case. As one of 12 commissions across the nation, the Lionheart Project will finally end up in London just in time for the opening ceremonies.

Artist Shauna Richardson uses locally sourced Swaledale wool to create the crocheted sculptures that celebrate England's heritage. The Lionheart Project invites people of all ages to get involved! They are currently seeking guerilla knitters and crocheted around the globe to participate by tagging in the project's name. Tags can be downloaded from the website which you can use to attach to your installations. Take a picture, send it in and your work may be uploaded to the gallery page or chosen to be compiled into a book later on.

1 comment:

  1. Um. Wow! I love the paws on that beast!

    Congrats on your upcoming move! Seems everyone is moving to London these days.


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