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When I was running my Japanese supply store over on Etsy, I was contacted by this fine lady asking if I was interested in a trade. To be honest, I am always a little hesitant with trades. What if you don't see anything that you like? Do we trade dollar by dollar? What if I want the money and not more stuff? You know, concerns like that.

Of course, when I visited Rosie Music, she took all of my concerns, packaged them into a bag and slapped me in the face with it, because her work was that amazing. All of her prints are fantastic especially the ones which she prints on a paperbacked natural wood veneer which uses less renewable and unrenewable resources to manufacture than the material required to make ordinary paper. That, teamed up with the $1.00 wood frames I picked up in Portland from a random shop, just makes them the perfect wall piece. As a matter of fact, I just sent her a message to see if she is interested in doing another swap. Loving this and this.

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