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inspire :: packing tape web

found via web urbanist

You may be asking yourself what exactly is this an image of? Well, it's a picture of 117,000 feet and 100 pounds of duct tape.

Starting in a small Croatian gallery the art installation, which has been growing larger and larger, then moved inside an abandoned attic before finally moving into the former Viennese Stock Exchange building pictured above. This won't be the final resting stop either. In September, the installation will travel to a public space in the center of Frankfurt, Germany. * whew * I'm not even going to ask how in the world you move something like this!

The spider web large enough for a human family to set up furniture and make a home inside, is suspended five feet in the air from surrounding walls and pillars. Visitors are welcome to crawl, lounge and experience what a human sized spider web would feel like.

This is the 5th tape installation exhibited by the design collective For Use/Numen. The installation took approximately 160 hours and was erected by six workers. You can check out this link for images during the build.

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