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found via magpie and cake

I wish I was currently in London so that I could go see the latest installment of Britian's largest comptemporary art commission that opened up earlier last week. The art piece by artist Ai Weiwei consists of over 100 million porcelain replica sunflower seeds each hand assembled and molded, hand fired and hand painted by inhabitants of Jingdezhen, the 'porcelain capital' of his native China. That's around 150 tons of seeds that has been used to make an inches thick carpet that visitors to the gallery will be encouraged to play in.

The exhibit has been so popular, that it has actually been roped off to due to the number of visitors stepping on the seeds causing a dust to rub off. The concern was that Tate staff might risk respiratory problems from long-term exposure to the porcelain dust being raised by visitors running through the exhibit and kicking through the seeds.

You can check out more of his work here.

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