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LHR :: day trip :: vintage furniture flea

The Vintage Furniture Flea event is hosted by Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair, UK's #1 vintage fair and produced by a former personal shopper for Selfridges. Vintage clothing in London is very popular, but I like to try my clothes on before purchasing and you don't always get that opportunity at these type of events. Vintage clothing also tends to be small and the fabric is sometimes a bit stifling with the use of polyester, so needless to say, I'm not usually the first in line when it comes to vintage clothing events.

Of course, when it comes to furniture and homewares, that is a whole new ball park. Homewares from the 1950's to the 1970s? 45 hand picked stalls? I will be there! This was definitely one of the best selections of vintage furniture that I have seen since I have arrived. A lot of it was quite affordable and I highly recommend paying the extra £1 for early access. It was packed! 

Here's my bounty. Can't wait to visit again. I have decided that I want one of these cupboards for the kitchen (or somewhere). Saw one at the market, but it was already sold.

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