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Approximately 3 years ago, Grace Dobush, the author of Crafty Superstar, contacted me to talk about Got Craft and our experiences with both craft vendors and running a craft show. Fast forward to late last year when I started seeing tweets pop up about Crafty Superstar, I knew I had to track down my very own copy. I happened to be at a Borders in San Francisco when I came across a copy and when I saw Got Craft listed in the appendix as a major North American indie craft show along with only two other Canadian craft shows, I was almost squealing down the aisles.

Crafty Superstar is a fun read and great resource for any craft looking to take their crafts to the next level. It includes lots of handy notes including how to approaching media, participating in craft shows, maintaining a personal life, setting up shop and a slew of helpful worksheet templates at the back. Grace also includes her interviews with Faythe Levine from Handmade Nation, Cinnamon Cooper of Poise CC and Vancouver’s own, Lauren Bacon of The Boss of You, who share their advice and experiences.

As a crafter myself, one of the hardest things that I do is pricing my items. Crafty Superstar covers many points on this topic that you need to consider including:
• Customer perspectives
• Expenses
• Time
• Wholesale price (usually 50% of your retail price, so you need to consider this when pricing or you will be in the red)

As a craft show producer, I found myself agreeing along with statements made in this book by Kristen Rask, PR and Marketing Coordinator for Urban Craft Uprising, and her experiences with running their show. The chapter titled “Get Noticed”, gave some insight as to how other shows in the crafting community market themselves as well as tips on ways to successfully contact media outlets and bloggers.

For those new in the crafting community and for those that have a few sales under their belt, I suggest you pick up a copy of Crafty Superstar and share your experiences with others from around the world.


So you want to be a craft superstar? (sung to the tune of Rock Superstar by Cypress Hill)
Enter to win your own copy of Crafty Superstar by Grace Dobush by leaving a comment below telling us what you make and a crafty business tip! A winner will be chosen by random on April 15th. Please make sure to leave an email address that we can contact you at.


  1. I make an assortment of crafts: stuffed animals, cards, notebooks -- I go through fazes.

    TIP: Get an Etsy tab on your Facebook page -- voila to streamlined social media marketing and sales!

  2. I make collages and take photos. I also blog, cook, cross stitch, sew, and preserve food!

    Tip: Always, ALWAYS have your business cards on you! Give them to everyone.

  3. I offer a line of sustainable & handmade items from eco cup cozies, tea cozies and pouches. Re-usable snack bags coming soon. I've also started designing my own fabric.

    Tip: Identify where you need systems to be more efficient. E.g. set-up a spreadsheet to record all the steps you need to do when an order comes in.

  4. I make little things to make family life easier, like tea cozies, pencil rolls, and other fun little things for kids. I also blog, and constantly come up with DIY projects for my little ones.

    TIP: Get and share advice! It's impossible to know everything and there is a wealth of information out there in the community. I've learned so much from those I've met at shows and from the folks on the Vancouver etsy street team.

  5. I knit scarves to sell at craft fairs and make flags/banners for celebrations with families.

    My tip: Start small, especially if you're scared. I found a very inexpensive craft fair, shared a table with a crafty friend, and had a successful event. This year, I'm going to branch out and try two or three fairs on my own.

  6. I make bags, buttons, necklaces, chocolate mustaches (it is always changing).

    My tip: Always make something you, yourself, likes. If you're trying to please your target market alone, your passion goes out the window.

  7. I make fused glass & stained glass jewelry.

    My tip: network, network, network and only try to sell the pieces that you LOVE.

  8. I design and print letterpress stationery + custom invitations, announcements, etc. in Vancouver, BC.

    My tip: If you sell your goods online, keep your buyer informed about what's going on - i.e. email them when their order is ready, email them when it has shipped and send a tracking #, etc. Buyers like to know where their stuff is, and keeping them informed means less phone calls and emails coming in asking where their stuff is, which in turn means more creative time for you :)


  9. I'm one of the thousands of Etsy jewelry makers -- . My tip? 1) Make stuff you'd wear. 2) Do something you care about. I just started marketing necklaces for autism, a cause very dear to my heart, and it doubled the enjoyment I get out of my craft, which was always high anyways.

  10. Oooh, looks like a great read!

    I illustrate & designs cards & other paper goods.

    My tip: When business is slow, instead of pouting, get creative. Build an email newsletter to advertise to your best customers who have opted into your email list! Work on new designs & projects!


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