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hints :: win a YUDU

We announced last week that Got Craft will be giving away a YUDU to one lucky winner at our Spring show on Sunday, May 2nd. You can read the full announcement and contest details here. Remember, contest closes on April 30th, so start uploading!

A few of you have been asking me for hints and we have been staying pretty tight lipped, but thought we would share a few tips...

1) Check out the photos in our flickr group. Just because somebody has uploaded an image, doesn't mean that you can't go to the same street corner and take another photo.

2) Check poster poles in these neighbourhoods - Kitsilano, Commercial Drive, Main Street

3) Does Your Mother Know?, Capers on 4th, Barefoot Contessa on Main St, Bean Around the World on Main St, Plush on Main, Kitsilano Neighbourhood House, Gene, Solly's on 7th Avenue, IGA on 4th Avenue, Black Dog Video, Jitters Caffe, Arbutus Coffee, Our Town, Britannia High School, JJ Bean on Commercial, Commercial Drive Organics.... some places to check ... you know.. just saying

xx double points xx
If you see our poster covered by somebody elses, please remove it and reposition theirs elsewhere. Take a picture before and after.

1 comment:

  1. Just went on a poster scavenger hunt. There are a lot of poster drums in this city, I discovered. ;)


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