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The other day, Amy from Handmade Evolution sent me an email directing me to check out Evie Shaffer’s new project, A Beautiful Idea.

Created to deal with her struggles between her creative urges and using her creativity to make a project, Evie came up with an idea to help motivate artists to open their hearts, share their skills and inspire others to do the same. Can you imagine if all the makers from around the world joined forces to make a difference in the world.? Wouldn’t that be something?

Evie says…

A Beautiful Idea has a clear message and a easy to follow model that is outlined on the website. Basically, artists create a unique product to list in their store. Once the sale is made, the artist donates 100% of the funds to the chosen charity. Every 6 months or once the monetary goal has been met, a new charity or cause will be selected. Currently, there are 35 participating artists including Vancouver’s own Kove Handmade and Field Trip donating their proceeds to the World Vision’s Relief Effort in Haiti (charity of choice until June 2010).

You can bookmark Evie’s website, Facebook and Twitter for up to date donation totals, fundraising goals and participating artists. If you are interested in being a part of A Beautiful Idea, full details can be found here.

One of the many lovelies you will find in Evie's etsy shop available to purchase.

It’s a three-fold beneficial cycle:
Artists have a way to create work for a greater purpose.
Consumers are given the opportunity to buy a unique product that supports a cause.
Charities are given the proceeds to help their mission.

Check out Amy’s post and Q&A with Evie with herself over at Handmade Evolution.

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  1. hey andrea - just saw the post, thanks so much for this! :) hope got craft has an amazing turnout this weekend.


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