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When we first started Got Craft in May 2006, we never thought that it would grow into the amazing handmade community that it has become. If you have never been to Got Craft, check out our time lapse from the Spring 2010 show and mark your calendars for the holiday show on Sunday, December 5th! For those of you that have been to the show, thank you for the support and maybe you can spot yourselves in one of the frames.

Big thanks to Blue Olive Photography for helping us put this together and trusting us with your equipment!


  1. Hehe! I put my hands in my pockets a lot.

  2. Can't believe I can see my boyfriend and myself shopping in front of the bottom left corner table!

  3. wow! what an incredible video. i'll peek at it again to see if i can see myself and maybe mr ebb and the wee guy :)

    see you sunday :)

  4. Hahahh that's is SO awesome! We look like little ants scurrying around ;)


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